1. Fly On

From the recording String Ladders

Music by The Color Forty Nine
Lyrics by Phil Beaumont
Mixed by Dave Parra


All I ask - Fly On

She was a worker in a factory
She wrote a note for you
A little verse that she hoped to see
Make its way to you
And, like a strange word, that you’d never know
Like a long road, paved just for you
All the sights that you want to see
They are in front of you
All the things that you hope to be
They are there for you

All I ask, is that you know
The die is not cast, nor set in stone
So, fly on, fly on

If it’s elsewhere you want to be
There’s a place for you
Down the line or across the sea
There is a face for you
And every wrong turn leads to something new
And a strong bird flies on

All we have
Is all we know
But it’s not steadfast
It always grows
So take a wing
And on you go

Fly on
Fly on