1. I will

From the recording The Color Forty Nine


I will strive to be all that you would hope for
And I will sometimes be all that and more
And I will often fall in the deep end
And I will sometimes wake up on the floor

I will, be inspired, I think, by new friends
I will, still take a drink with my old friends
And I will, sometimes go search out for more
When I do, I’ll always end up at our door

For you, you dear, mean everything
oh you, you do mean everything

Oooh la la la

In a book that sits beside of our bed,
There’s a line that I can’t seem to clear out of my head
Telling stories of old, that bend and unfold throughout the night
Tell me things that I do, things that I say, are alright...
With you, who means everything
For you, you do mean everything

Ooooh la la la

For you, you do mean everything
and you, you should be everything